About Us

Professional, highly skilled specialist historical interpreters with 35 years experimental archaeology experience across many disciplines. Many historical periods, in your locality, are bought vividly to life against a backdrop of world events.

Student – led, hands on experiential learning of tools, weapons, clothing, artefacts, enriching historical study with many cross-curricular links.

We have lectured across the board, bringing history to life from nursery school to Queens College Cambridge, from the WEA to professional bodies including HM armed forces.

We have worked professionally in museums, being instrumental in founding museum education extension services. We have been involved in museum display from design to finished exhibition. Opportunities to experience handling rare and precious museum objects have enabled us to reproduce artefacts, tools, weapons and clothing to the highest standards.

35 years experience of building full-sized reproductions of ancient buildings and living in them; working with rare breed livestock and sailing on recreations of ancient warships. Developing skills of textile production, art, ceramics, leatherwork and woodwork, from fleatraps to firearms, has enabled us to produce a unique experience of history, studied holistically.